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Interview with Poet and Editor Andrew Reeves

“…Then you start sending your work not just to random journals but places where you feel like your aesthetic fits. Now you’re in communication with the world of poetry, and that’s how you find your voice. You can’t find that in a vacuum. I’m not sure you can even write decent poetry in a vacuum. You have to be in communication with what’s going on right now. I see younger poets…”

So far, July has been productive.

Not giving yourself credit and always thinking you aren't doing enough can feed depression like Miracle Grow. Only the Miracle Grow is spiders, and they bite you, and you stay in bed all day with their venom gnawing away at you. YAY! So here's my own attempt to give myself some credit. Not to brag, but to say, "Hey, I may feel like I've gotten nothing done, but that's not true." This blog post is part writing talk for you and part self care for me.

My NaNoWriMo 2017 Plans

But I've got a SPECIAL SOMETHING planned for my own NaNoWriMo. So SPECIAL, SPECIAL is in caps because Gandalf is yelling it at you while you watch helplessly from the bridge as the Balrog approaches.

Battling burnout...

No, not the game, or the second one, or the best racing game to ever be made -- Burnout 3 Takedown -- but the kind that leaves you feeling like an army of Uruk-hai just trampled you in their mad dash for the new deli shop that just opened across the street. Uruk-hai love fresh cut hickory smoked deli. Don't believe me? Ask one.