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Former IT guy turned spec-fic writer and librarian, Austin Gragg lives in Independence, Missouri.

When he isn't writing, reading, or teaching digital literacy classes, he can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons with his partner, friends, and a pride of small domestic lions.

Interrogation on Starship Death

Interrogation on Starship Death

It’s super awesome the sale of this poem acquired non-exclusive rights — it means you can read it for free! But, I still HIGHLY reccomend spending $2.99 on the ebook (or picking up the paperback) of The Weird and Whatnot’s first issue! The design is beautiful and it’s stuffed with awesome art, fiction, and poetry.

Click to enlarge — TWAW did a GREAT job on the typesetting.


**First published in The Weird and Whatnot February 2019.**

I am pressing a star against you,

Searing is its purpose.

Near the place where the most blood flows,

Transient transmissions; we caught them.

Tell me why you did it, how to fix it, these

Aberrations torn open in space, soon to

Encompass all time.


Relics are forbidden for a reason.


Ripping through space is all they’re good for.

Help us fix this.

Orion, won't you speak?

I don’t want to hurt you.

Give us the answers my brethren seek.

Panic is spreading.

Alternatively, maybe

Death is what you seek.

Tearing through you would be an

End to our means,

Illustrating to your party our severe


Our dire and


Need for answers, like a star, is burning

Heavy and hostile.

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