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So far, July has been productive.

So far, July has been productive.

One thing I'm absolutely horrible at, is giving myself credit for what I get done, goals met or not. Not giving yourself credit and always thinking you aren't doing enough can feed depression like Miracle Grow. Only the Miracle Grow is spiders, and they bite you, and you stay in bed all day with their venom gnawing away at you. YAY! So here's my own attempt to give myself some credit. Not to brag, but to say, "Hey, I may feel like I've gotten nothing done, but that's not true." This blog post is part writing talk for you and part self care for me.

Since July started, I've gotten a lot done, despite a busy schedule filled with work, college, and making much needed time for family and friends.


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  • I wrote three chapters in my current WIP manuscript.
    • Things had been slow going (in regards to word count) for a while now. I finally feel like I'm back in the groove. Sometimes, you just don't feel like writing and you need to push yourself and do it anyways. Other times, you actually need to slow down and take a step back to look at a project and its direction before proceeding. This was a case of the latter.
  • I plotted out three more chapters and have a loose outline for the rest of the novel.
    • Huzzah for white boards and note cards! I've been keeping the loose outline on note cards for drafting and then copying it up to the white board next to my desk. Wanna be super productive? Get a white board! They're the best! The bigger the better!
  • I wrote a short story titled "Plastic" clocking in at about 1,300 words.
    • This piece is a great example of why you never delete something. I had written a really vulgar and depressing character exercise which really didn't seem to have much potential outside of being a character study. I had set it aside though, because I really liked something about it. I was able to take that character study and go a completely different direction with it, turning it into a short horror story.
  • I wrote a piece of flash fiction titled "Cloven Sleep" clocking in at about 950 words.
    • This was an odd piece to write, because I had the basic idea for it as soon as I woke up one morning, after spending maybe two minutes sitting in bed. If it weren't for that idea, I would have gone right back to sleep. But the idea got me out of bed early. I made coffee, went to my office, and got to typing. I knew about 250 words in that it would be a flash piece, and it ended up being something I'm really proud of.
  • I gave both pieces to my beta readers and critiquers and hope to have them submission ready by the end of the month... if all goes well.
  • I have a short story out on submission with a new magazine that I am absolutely in love. (Fingers crossed!!!)
  • I submitted my first piece of poetry to a market--a poem about the radioactive "elephant's foot" at the heart of Chernobyl.
    • You heard right. I tried poetry. Be careful kids, it's a dangerous drug. There's a lot of bad poetry out there, and you can get hooked on the good shit, or the bad shit. If you gotta get hooked, go read the good shit. New to poetry? Me too. Not sure how much I'll dabble besides reading. But if you wanna be able to tell the good shit from the bad shit, ask a poet. Like, someone who knows what their talking about. Like the person I'll be interviewing in an upcoming blog post.

Other Stuff!

Austin Gragg.jpg
  • I planted ten bushes in front of my house so my wife and I no longer have to look at the foundation! Yay! Couldn't have don't it--literally wouldn't have--if it wasn't for the super awesome and generous help of my mom. Love you mom!
  • I wrote a paper for a class on the stages and formation of relationships, using "Silence of the Lambs" as a model to examine Clarice Starling's budding relationship with Hannibal Lector--and got an A! Yay!
  • Played D&D this last weekend! I play with my wife, brother, and three friends--I'm the DM--and the party had their first deaths in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign. (Zombie T-rex)
  • Went to a big family get-together!

So, yeah. Seeing it in a list like this (writing this on the 10th and scheduling the post for the 11th) I got a ton done. HA! Take that spiders!

Current writing projects, reading list, and (coming soon) an interview with a poet and editor

Current writing projects, reading list, and (coming soon) an interview with a poet and editor