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Music flipped my day

Music flipped my day

This might start a little down, but I promise the tone of this post is a lot lighter than the Essay on Death from last month. I don't blog too often about things I simply gush over--and maybe I should do it more often--so, this is one of those posts. Quick story, and then some links to some great new music I'm absolutely freaking out about right now.

A few days ago I was having one of those awful starts to the day. I went to bed the previous night feeling great, excited to have the next day off and pumped by the thought of being able to get lots of writing done the next day. But come morning, I didn't want to get up. I felt useless. I felt worthless. This is what depression does on some mornings--a lot of mornings. I felt like, why the fuck bother? I killed a bunch of time, more than I care to admit, in bed, on my phone. And while I wish I had wasted less time, I'm glad I was scrolling through the Wasteland of Desolate Faces, also known as Facebook, because I saw one of my favorite bands had just dropped a new album.

GHOST. The band with the fronting shtick of being a satanic church, had just released their new album, PREQUELLE. AND, there was a limited edition CD with a poster, cool holographic cover (HELL YES I FELL FOR THIS GIMMICK) and two bonus tracks was available exclusively at Target.

Target it my favorite. My favorite what, you might ask? Everything. I love everything about Target. The clothes fit me, very well, because I am a human toothpick, and they have a good selection of books, office supplies, booze, and toys. Those being, like, four of my favorite things in this world, and its proximity to a Barnes & Nobel, make it my favorite place to shop. Oh, and my wife loves it just as much as I do. So sometimes we just go walk around Target like a couple of old people. BUT, I DIGRESS.

While I may not be a "dog person," dogs and I share a love for car rides, and the prospect of going on a car ride to get the new album sounded like a great way to try to get myself out of the muckitty muck of my own head. I got the album, and to my surprise, as I pulled into the parking lot, my friend Zach texted me that Coheed and Cambria, another one of my favorite bands had just dropped a TEN MINUTE SONG ABOUT SPACE PRISON.


Music flipped my day. It helped the week be great. I was able to latch onto this little bit of exciting news and shut out the shit of the rest of the world and the smog of my own mind and get back into being a productive human being.

I think we all have things like this--something that can pull us out of the muck almost instantly. For me, music is one of those things.

Anyways. Here's the super rad music video for RATS by Ghost, and the new Coheed song, embedded below.

What's been able to pull you out of the muckitty muck recently when you get stuck? Is it music? A book? A game? Drop a comment on this post! Share a link! I wanna see what makes you happy! Because another thing that pulls me out of the muck, is learning what pulls others out too. Knowing something brings joy to someone else, brings a little bit of that sweet, salty, caramel joy into my heart--where the ants nesting there can harvest it and feed their queen so she can grow and latter spring forth from my chest, large as a kitten and ready to begin enslaving humans. :-)


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