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When the creative well runs dry...

When the creative well runs dry...

I wrote a post a while back about burnout for those who create--whether it be writing, drawing, painting, making music, or something else. Sometimes, creative people don't feel very creative. And that's okay. You hear me? It's alright.

But it sucks when this dip hits because we still want to make and create, but things just aren't flowing right.

I like to think of everyone's creativity as both a well and a muscle. NO DAMMIT, not at the same time--a well made of muscles would be gross, and weird, and something you'd find in a Clive Barker novel. But I think of creativity as a well, in the sense that you must wait for it to fill again, or better yet, fill it yourself. And this well is like a muscle because if you don't use it, it becomes weak, and requires more and more training to become viable again.

How, 'o I beg does one refill such a well themselves, saving them the time that might be wasted in waiting for the ground's natural water or the drops from the heavens to refill it?


Seriously. They tell writers to read everything they can get their hands on for a REASON. They tell musicians to listen to everything they can for a REASON. And artists of the physical media variety--guess what? THEY GO LOOK AT ART. But really, as a creator you should do all those things you enjoy. Go see movies, play games, talk to friends, read a book, or a short story, GO TO A LIBRARY--walk around and see what catches your eye! Go experience the world! You need to live it at least a little bit if you want it to inspire you to create. And man do I hate the word inspire, because inspiration has so many negative connotations around creators, but the word is needed here.

Consuming art, of all kinds, fuels the well from which you pull to create your own art!

I try to hop online to game with a friend a few times a month, my wife and I love getting out of the house to explore new places around town, and we play D&D monthly with friends. Those things, make sure my well is full. And when it drains faster than expected, I make some more time to read, get out of the house, binge The Office...

Now, careful. It's easy to use this as an excuse. Don't confuse the well being dry for simply being lazy and not wanting to put in the work to make things. Not long before writing this, I read the prologue to a new book I picked up, courtesy of a good friend's recommendation. That little dose wasn't to refill the well, but to top it off... Now I've written this post--blogging is something a bit therapeutic for me (probably why I only do it when I need to). BUT, now I need to get back to work...


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