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Former IT guy turned spec-fic writer and librarian, Austin Gragg lives in Independence, Missouri.

When he isn't writing, reading, or teaching digital literacy classes, he can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons with his partner, friends, and a pride of small domestic lions.

Excited to be excited about being excited... also advice on progress bars.

Excited to be excited about being excited... also advice on progress bars.

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I'm excited. And this time... it's personal. The blog I mean. This time, the blog is personal. No more of this essay style themed stuff. And I'm excited. Maybe a little too excited.

*Rips off shirt*
*Screams in Gaelic*
*Sets fire to the neighboring village*

Yes. That excited. Why? Because THE PODCAST HAS LAUNCHED AND THE BLOG IS NOW WAY MORE FUN. That's why. See how we set fire to a village -- burning all residing in it alive -- and managed to do so in the SECOND PARAGRAPH OF THE POST?! Yeah. The Story Goggles project really should have been a podcast all along, and this big beautiful blog... all mine.

Shameless plug for more content on this website: My good friend Blake is helping me co-host the Story Goggles podcast -- wanna know more 'bout that? Check out the pilot here -- there's more on the way. (At the start of this next week hopefully) We hope to put out around two episodes a month. 

Ok, plug done. Let's get physical -- I mean personal. Personal. I mean let's get personal with this blog thing.

Right now I'm oh-so-very-close to finishing the first draft of my current project. This will be the first draft of my second project I've taken on since deciding to pursue my writing seriously. (In terms of trying for publication and to seriously improve upon myself as a writer.) Today I wanted to vomit words about one small thing which has helped me YUGELY -- TREMENDOUSLY -- and BIGLY during these last two projects, in hopes someone else finds the simple idea helpful.

Progress bars.

I've been making sure to track my word count and set goals. And having a large progress bar I can see move towards the estimated/goal word count is AWESOME.

I'm the kind of person that needs to see progress happen -- visually --  before my brain will accept that it's happening and turn down the dial on the anxiety and manic depress-o-meter. So today's tip for those reading who may be creative types who find themselves struggling after they've felt like they've been working on a project forever is -- FIND A WAY TO TRACK PROGRESS. 

I'ma link some stuff below that might help you -- writer types at least -- but FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Use a spreadsheet, an app, an amicus, summon a demon and bind him to you for the soul purpose of telling you that YES INDEED YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS. Because, for some of us, seeing is believing. And believing in the progress you're making can only help you believe in yourself.


Super awesome writing related progressive progress bar related things of helpfulness:

The one I use: http://writeometer.guavabot.com/

A list of others to look at: https://spontaneousderivation.com/2008/02/06/6-word-meters-and-trackers-for-the-word-count-obsessed/

Music for summoning demons to count for you, if you want to go that route: https://youtu.be/Hb9FwlubyIQ

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